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    High Quality Carpet Cleaning with Well Done Cleaning for Beckenham

    Our expert and professional carpet cleaners have years of experience in treating and cleaning many different types of carpets. We provide hour high-quality carpet cleaning services through out the Perth area including Beckenham.

    If you are looking for expert carpet cleaning solutions at affordable rates contact our professional carpet cleaners on 0426 820 063 for a free quote today!

    Carpet Steam Cleaning Perth

    Our Expert Carpet Cleaning Procedure

    To achieve the best service quality our experienced carpet cleaners follow these four important steps:

    1. First the entire carpet area is cleaned with our high powered vacuums.

    2. After the carpet has been thoroughly vacuumed our professional carpet cleaners focus on removing all stains.

    3. The next step is to deodorise the carpet removing any bad smells that can be built up over the years.

    4. The final step is all about steam cleaning the carpet area thoroughly. At Well Done Cleaning we utilise professional carpet steam cleaning equipment using complete eco-friendly detergents and products. This ensures that we do not give out any harmful fumes or damage carpet fibres. This process ensures complete protection of your family and pets and even those, who have an allergy and asthmatic problems.

    Stain Removal and Spot Dye Services Beckenham

    Permanet stains can be repaired through spot dyeing and colour repair.

    Bleaching agents, pet urine, medications, acne treatments and some cleaning products can alter the chemical composition of fibres permanently removing the colour out of carpets.

    Spot dyeing involves matching discoloured areas of your carpet to the original carpet colour and returning it to its original state.

    This is a process that is beyond cleaning for the repair of permanent stains.

    If your carpet has been damaged by pet urine, bleach, curry, or other forms of permanent carpet stain, we can restore the area using an effective spot dyeing technique.

    Even if you have areas that have been faded by sunlight, flooding (water damage) or other forms of discolouration, we can match your carpet colour for you.

    Carpet Steam Cleaning Perth
    Carpet Steam Cleaning Perth

    Effectively Disinfect & Sanitize Your Home Carpet

    It is very important to have a professional cleaner to sanitise your carpets rather than doing it yourself. Our expert carpet cleaners have many years of experience and can utilise our professional carpet cleaning equipment and environmentally friendly products.


    A “Do it yourself” carpet vacuum will only remove the surface dust while leaving germs, fungi and bacteria behind under the carpet layers. Our expert carpet steam cleaning service can protect your family & pets from allergies & add beauty to your Beckenham residential & commercial carpets.

    Our specialities are:

    • Local Beckenham carpet steam cleaners
    • Efficient steam & dry cleaning process
    • Eco-friendly solvent-based cleaning
    • Restore the new look of your carpets
    • Use of minimal water during carpet steam cleaning
    • Carpets will not shrink or stretch after steam cleaning
    • An active health guard formula to remove germs & bacteria.

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