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No two Armadale restaurants are the same, meaning no two cleaning regimes will be the same either. We will view and quote your restaurant to ensure you have the correct cleaning plan for your commercial kitchen.

Having worked across a wide range of Armadale eateries, including cafes, restaurants and food production sites, we know what constitutes a spotless clean – even when you think it’s clean enough. From the dining to the kitchen sink, throughout thorough, quality cleaning service, we can quality cleaning service, we can guarantee the elimination of bacteria and other harmful germs.

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Maximum penalties for poor cleanliness can be up to $30 000

Having a clean restaurant and kitchen isn’t just a choice – It’s the law!

So is it worth it not to have a professional clean your kitchen?

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Do you Own a restaurant in Armadale? Located 30km from Perth CBD in the south east of the metro area, the City of Armadale is a fast growing area. It is placed at the foothills of the Darling scarp and there are some great drives, small farmlands and a wide range of outdoor activities in the area.

Sanitisation and cleanliness is a vital part of any restaurant, and never more so than in the kitchen. Only by following commercial kitchen cleaning procedures can you maintain the highest level of hygiene.

In any commercial kitchen, canteen or catering environment, grease and dirt naturally build up over, covering surfaces and cooking equipment. This not only presents health risks but can be a fire hazard too. Having a professional adding to your cleaning regime in a kitchen is the best way to ensure your kitchen is the most hygienic.

A full kitchen and canopy clean by a professional will result in reduced fire and safety hazards, better efficiencies, and a sanitised work environment that meets Australian standards.

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