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Professional Tile and Grout Cleaning in Perth

For any kind of tile and grout cleaning Perth services, talk with Well Done Cleaning Perth so that you get a fair idea about the entire process. You will also receive an affordable quote for the kitchen, dining and hall tile cleaning projects. You can also book a demo before hiring us for the entire project.

Well Done Cleaning Perth Tile and Grout Cleaning

A clean tiled floor with clean grout lines not only looks beautiful and presentable but has many benefits like:

  • Natural-looking tiles similar to brand new ones.
  • Removal of dirt, grime and bacteria from the surface and the grouts as well.
  • Demo feature makes the work even more reliable and trustworthy as you can see the result before judging.
  • Guaranteed satisfaction and after work service.

The Process We Follow in Deep Cleaning Tiles and Grouts

  • At first, it is always vacuuming to remove any loose debris from the surface before deep cleaning the entire area.
  • The next phase includes pre-treatment of the tiles and grouts where we apply alkaline based de-greasing solution for good penetration.
  • Power scrubbing the grout lines and polishing the tile surface to remove any dirt or grime. What you get is a great result.
  • High-pressure rinsing makes sure that the tile and grout look spotless and removes any additional residue from cleaning products.
  • The last process includes speed drying of the floor that readies the surface for utilisation instantly.

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